Cold Storage & Cold Chain

Is starting a Cold Storage business in India profitable?

Now is the time! Retailers, restaurants, hospitals, florists and others use cold chain facilities to keep their products and goods safe during storage. Generally, in this business, the initial investment is higher compared to other small businesses. However, this type of business ensures a constant return on a long-term basis.

How to find best Cold Storage for your products with GWCold.

The urban population of India is growing rapidly in process changing the food consumption pattern of the country. The percentage of processed food in our plate is on the rise thus increasing the cold storage requirement to keep the food consumable for longer duration Cold storage has now become crucial part of logistics chain with food,pharma,chemical leading the market.

Future Prospects of Cold Storage in India

The cold storage business started around the 1800s, but during that time the only industry using it were the breweries and they mainly rely on the unsanitary practice of ice-harvesting.

The Demand for Cold Storage Is Surging & Creating Many More Opportunities for Your Business to Grow In Our Country

The demand for the cold storage warehouses that are absolutely driven by the growing needs for food sales & increased preference towards the online shopping especially grocery is increasing a lot.

The Change in Cold Chain Logistics in India-A new beginning.

India has huge opportunity when we come to cold chain logistics. It is a highly fragmented industry and the unorganized sector accounts for an estimated 80-85% share of the total capacity.