The urban population of India is growing rapidly in process changing the food consumption pattern of the country. The percentage of processed food in our plate is on the rise thus increasing the cold storage requirement to keep the food consumable for longer duration Cold storage has now become crucial part of logistics chain with food,pharma,chemical leading the market. The required capacity for cold storage in India is an estimated 350 lakh tonnes (lt) with current cold storage capacity standing at 226.7 with majority of them being single product cold storages. It is difficult to find best suited cold storage for rent in desired location but with the help of Cold chain Logistics experts like Godamwale, the leasing process becomes easier and fast.

Godamwale has been working with best cold storage service providers in. Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Bangalore,Pune, Jaipur,Ghaziabad and other Indian cities. The products being handled ranges from juices, foods, sea foods, poultry, chemicals, dairy and pharma products.

Godamwale has developed a robust mechanism starting from requirement gathering to cold storage selection and setting up entire cold chain logistics under its brand GWCold

Requirement gathering :-GW has developed a customer requirement form which consists of all relevant questions to know before leasing the warehouse and thereby know the exact requirement of client with major pain points.

Points to be considered for cold storage requirements:
  • Products:
  • Type of products and its storage profile

  • Type of Cold Storage:
  • Multi-Product or single product cold storage and product compatibility with respect to other products being handled in cold storage.

  • Operating Temperature:
  • The temperature of storage of products eg -18 Deg C to +18 Deg C needs to be determined.

  • Processing:
  • Special processing of product before storage like pre cooling , blast freezing,fumigation needs to be checked.

  • Value added service:
  • Repacking ,palletizing,export stuffing ,import destuffing etc.

  • Billing:
  • Normally billing for cold storage is on a per week basis but monthly billing is also done in most of the cases.

  • Site Visit:
  • Site visit to be done after you are satisfied with your requirement and facility offerings.

  • Cold Storage Finalization:
  • The shortlisted property is evaluated on technical terms and parameters as put forth by the customer along with the SOP to handle the products.

  • Rent Negotiation:
  • Once the cold storage is finalized on technical terms a rent negotiation is done and final rent and conditions are agreed.

  • Agreement:
  • An agreement is prepared and same is executed with detailed terms of reference and clauses in place

  • Distribution Operation:
  • Godamwale helps to setup the distribution with both normal and temperature controlled vehicles.This is an optional service for the client.

Godamwale provides insight on each step thereby helping you to cater to all your pain points.

GWCold team support helps clients in daytoday operation thereby being the single point of contact for all the operation related handling and distribution needs.

This procedure is followed diligently to ensure your time and out efforts reap good results.

Godamwale is a warehouse/godown/coldstorage/3PL/On Demand Warehousing discovery platform with 6000+ properties listed on its platform.All these properties are verified and uploaded on our website.