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Warehouse Management System

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March 23, 2023

Warehouse Optimization is a very important differentiator between you and your rivals. Inefficient warehouse management can be a costly proposition and lead to a negative market reputation.

WMS Need of the hour!

Warehouse Management System (WMS) if not present can lead to an overstock Inventory, Pilferage, and Inefficient Inventory Management. So, what’s the solution?

Investing in a SaaS warehouse management system (WMS) is a smart decision that can transform operational efficiency. It can ensure that even a small operation can use industry-accepted processes and improvise much faster. SaaS companies add a new feature at regular intervals thereby enriching the features and experience in real-time. This not only democratizes access but also helps their customers refine their processes and systems for optimal performance thereby not awaiting costly and time-consuming upgrades.

A warehouse management system is a platform that enables an organization to manage its inventory and storage space optimally and track the movement of stock across warehouses and distribution centers in real-time. It is the perfect tool to optimize your warehouse design to ensure you save space and allocate inventory in the right location at right time at storage centers and optimize space usage. Not only that, with SaaS, you get to implement and master new state-of-the-art technologies such as QR code & barcode scanning for real-time inventory tracking.

There’s no doubt that cloud-based warehouse management systems are the future of efficient stock-keeping. There is significant growth in the segment. So much so that the cloud data warehousing market is poised to grow by USD 10.42 billion from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of around 22.55%.

Inventory Management also adds value to the current eCommerce boom where the product is kept near customers and the same needs to be delivered in hours.

A cloud-based warehouse management software resides in the cloud and is hosted on a separate server based on vendor specifications. Most service vendors offer a high level of customization for cloud-based WMS solutions, and you can personalize modules to meet high inventory management requirements for seamless warehousing.

Data security is handled diligently and it's the biggest advantage of cloud-based warehouse management software. The secure data backup safeguards against any mishap and data are easily recovered thereby ensuring no loss. The system uptime is more than 99.9% thereby reducing the cost in terms of the physical server and IT team.

Cloud-based warehouse management platforms are comprehensive and have various features that manage and optimize warehouse operations however choosing a reliable service provider to receive after-sales support and training is critical. The vendor should handle all aspects of implementation and provide complete support to tide organizations through the transition phase so that all employees can use the new system to full capacity.

A one-time investment, cloud-based WMS solutions are fully scalable and can be integrated with key business applications, making them a valuable organizational asset. The cloud-based warehouse management system is best suited for companies from small to large enterprises, it provides ready access from any location with increased data accessibility and task agility.

The data generated from customers, SKUs, warehouses, and devices can be used to generate meaningful reports and dashboard widgets. The same data can be analyzed, and better optimization strategies can be devised in terms of supply chain and product. SaaS WMS works with mobile phones thereby reducing CAPEX in handheld scanners and terminals. The picklist and putaway can be done using a mobile phone adding further to Inventory Management efficiency and reducing paperwork.

Cloud-based data bring in a lot of use cases for businesses. Some of the top applications are:

  • Consolidation of siloed data
  • Making decisions in real-time as cloud data warehouse architecture helps analyze data in real-time. This helps in better insights on challenges, identification of opportunities, better efficiency, reduced costs, and better decision-making.
  • Enabling custom reporting
  • Incorporation of machine learning and AI - A well-thought-of cloud data strategy enables the collection of both historical and real-time data for building algorithms that can offer predictive insights analysis of the spike in traffic, the suggestion of customized products to the customers, etc.

Cloud data warehouse architecture encompasses the abilities of data warehousing, big data, and the cloud elasticity at a fraction of the traditional data warehouse cost

Few benefits that this cloud computing combination brings to an organization:

Speedier insights: Cloud data warehouse platforms provide powerful computing abilities, and are built to deliver real-time analytics through data coming in from multiple sources at a much faster rate compared to the on-premise warehouses. This empowers businesses to access insights faster.

Scalability: A cloud-based warehouse management system comes with real-time, unlimited data storage which is easy to scale as the business grows. The best part about cloud data warehousing is that you don’t have to buy new hardware to accommodate the data growth.

Overhead: Managing the traditional on-premise warehouse management system warrants having a specific server room filled with expensive hardware, and a team of skilled employees to manage, manually update, and solve issues – a recipe for great costs. Cloud data warehouse architecture does not require hardware or office space, bringing the costs significantly down. Latest technology on tap

With cloud-based SaaS WMS solutions, warehousing and logistics companies can synergize the best of operations with the best supply chain minds to enhance their growth. As a company offering the best possible service at the most competitive rates, adopting SaaS will shift your business proposition considerably.

Inciflo is a cloud-based warehouse management system that can be implemented in days and can help you to manage and optimize your warehouse operation.

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Warehouse Management System


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