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Warehouse Rent Analysis - Delhi Region

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April 20, 2023
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Every company plans to have it's warehouse at strategic location which suits to their product's market demand and consumer base. There are many factor at play while deciding the location for leasing the warehouse and cost/rent is one of the main parameter for the same.

In place like Delhi, warehouse rent varies drastically from south to north and east to west. In this article, we will do analysis for "Minimum warehouse rent per sq ft " in different location of Delhi. This may save lot of time for a company or individual to decide the warehouse location based on the economics.

Our analysis is based on 400 Delhi warehouses data on Godamwale platform along with survey by our data scientist after visiting 890 warehouses in different parts of Delhi.

Minimum Warehouse rent in Delhi

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The above chart shows that the minimum rent per sq. ft. varies from Rs 13 to Rs 30 per sq. ft. depending on location. We have considered an average warehouse size of 3000 sq. ft. and rent can vary by 10-15% depending on size and quality of warehouse. But the above chart can guide direction-ally to decide the location of your warehouse as per the budget.

Below charts shows comparison of rent in main areas of North,South,Central,East and West region of Delhi.

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The above charts can be refereed to plan and decide most preferred location to rent warehouse as per budget rather than wasting time and energy in finding warehouse in location which can be desired location but way outside the budget.

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