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Warehouse Search & Booking!! A Tedious & Cumbersome Job !!

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April 20, 2023

This post is based on my personal experience, when I started searching warehouse to support my business. It turned out to be a nightmare.

I started with google search, which 90 % of people start with for any solution to their problem. Google suggested me some real estate listing websites and some direct web links of warehousing companies.

So let me share my experience on these options to book a warehouse.

  • Searching on Real Estate listing companies:
  • Operational Area
  • Type of warehouse - RCC/Shed/PEB
  • Center height & Side heights
  • Plinth Height
  • Automation Features/ Raking System
  • Passage Adequacy (Can I use if for containers/Trucks)
  • Type of Flooring
  • Kind of products which can be stored. Type of licenses held by warehouse
  • Directly contacting Warehouse Companies
  • Brokers


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